Thus Spake Babaji

The Secrets of the Mind | Thus Spake Babaji #86

July 08, 2022 Shiva Rudra Balayogi Season 1 Episode 86
Thus Spake Babaji
The Secrets of the Mind | Thus Spake Babaji #86
Show Notes

Thus Spake Babaji, online Q&A #86 recorded on 2 January 2022 with US participants.

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0:06 Do all the benefits of meditation including Self- Realization come from silencing the mind?
1:54 What is the attention of the mind?
6:33 As we progress in meditation does consciousness start to watch itself?
8:06 Is consciousness of existence a permanent thing?
8:57 is consciousness the basic material of meditation?
11:38 Is consciousness the dreamer and the knower of the dream?
12:41 Is consciousness the seed of all creation?
13:57 What are we, prior to consciousness?
14:25 is it possible to empty the mind of thoughts?
15:58 How can we keep the mind quiet both in meditation and out of meditation?
18:07 What is the role of desire in the creation of consciousness?
23:53 How to manage pain and not let it affect you
26:37 Does creation come about because the nature of energy is to be active?
28:17 If we can disconnect from the ownership of desires, can we desire with more consciousness?
31:36 Overcoming desires and passions with jangama dhyana
34:58 Can you do meditation with your eyes open, doing regular activities of the day?
36:49 How does the ego dissolve?
37:42 How to not recognise and analyse in meditation?

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